Thank you so much for your interest in our products. We are very excited to offer a variety of products to our wholesalers. Items for wholesale can be viewed under the "wholesale" tab in our menu. The pricing shown is retail price. Please place only these available items in your cart for checkout. If your order consists of other items that are not applicable for wholesale, those item costs will be refunded.

TO GET YOUR WHOLESALER CODE: please email us at shopEvalicious@gmail.com with your name, company name, type of business - retail shop/online/both, mailing address, business number and phone number (your phone number is only for shipping purposes; we will only contact you by email). 

If you need an official invoice with your address and business number as well as our info on it, please submit your order via email so that we can make up the invoice on Paypal for you with the details. 

Please note that wholesale orders may take up to a week to fill depending on the size. 

Shipping is an estimate on checkout. We reserve the right to add "self" insurance to your order if the size is small as it would be more affordable this route. We refund shipping overages.

Please note that we are not responsible for taxes, duties, or VAT that your company may incur. 

Custom designs are available. For example, most badge button colours may be customized to match your kits (minimum order of 40 sets of 8 or 60 sets of 6 please) and some tags. Or we could design something exclusive for you. Minimum quantities will apply to custom orders. Extra fee may also apply depending on your custom order size. We can also design some custom rubber stamps for your kits - please contact us for details.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!