How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

Shipping cost is based on items and weight of items. To find out what your shipping cost is: simply add items to your cart, select your country location and click on 'update total'. Shipping amount will then appear. Please note that shipping price does include a very minimal handling charge for packaging materials and misc fees that are not factored into cost of item. Yes, we do ship internationally. Please note that it is nearly impossible to guess in what combination people are going to order items so sometimes shipping cost may seem ridiculous when you are placing your order especially if you order a lot. Just know that if shipping charges are in excess of more than $1, we will refund the amount. Sometimes we lose a few pennies, sometimes we gain a few so that it works out at the end.

Where do you ship from? How long does it take to ship my order? How long will it take for me to get it?

We ship from Surrey, BC Canada via Canada Post. Orders are shipped usually in 3-5 business days. If we are taking a break from shipping, we usually announce it on our blog so please visit it often. We usually send an email when your order is off. You’ll also get a PayPal notification too if we shipped through PayPal. Orders take from 6-12 business days usually (Canada, US & International). Please do be patient though because this timeframe is NOT guaranteed. We often get emails by anxious customers wondering where their order is and the package usually ends up showing up the day or 2 after. Totally not worth getting your blood pressure up over :). We ask that you wait 30 days from shipping date to contact us because Canada Post will not accept claims until 30 days is up.

Do you allow pick up orders?

Pick up of orders are welcomed. Please contact us for arrangements.

What about refunds?

Sorry, all items are final sale except for special circumstances (ie. damaged in transit). Please contact us asap by forwarding your PayPal invoice to us along with a quick note on your inquiry.

Why are your prices in USD even though you are in Canada?

We order most of my supplies from the US and most of my customers are also in the US. Our Paypal account is also in US funds so it was naturally the right currency for us to work with. Thanks for your understanding.

What if an item that I like is SOLD OUT? Will you be making more?

Some items are only available in limited quantities so make sure you grab them while they’re in stock just so you don’t miss out. You can always email me to check.

Do you take custom orders and what are your rates?

Unfortunately, we are not taking small custom orders. If you are looking for a custom order for your kit club, we are more than happy to accommodate if time permits.

I'm hosting an event and wondering if you would contribute a door prize?

We’d love to take part in a particular sponsorship request if the timing is right. For example, if sales are really good that particular period in which you're making a request, if we are needing a little extra publicity for Evalicious and if we are not overloaded with work or if we haven't already fulfilled a donation request in a while. Although we'd love to sponsor all requests, it's just impossible because of monetary/time constraints. We are just a small wee company. Please please don't be offended if we don't answer or decline your particular request.

What is your turnaround time for wholesale orders?

It really depends on your order, if the items are in stock and/or if I have the raw materials on hand. If not in stock, it can take up to 2 weeks for us to work on your order. Please email us for more info. Thanks!